23 Incredible Sky Photos of Travelers Rest That Will Amaze You

by Celeste Hawkins | October 12, 2015

All skies are created equal, right? Judge for yourself, but we think these head-turning sky pictures taken in the Travelers Rest area prove we’ve got lots to look up for — any time of day, and in any weather.


1. Sky in the Middle

This twisted shot of Furman’s Bell Tower makes you look twice, since the sky’s unexpectedly dead center in the middle of the shot.

2. A Sea of Clouds

The sky that greeted me as I walked into the church building this morning. #TheHeavensProclaim #TravelersRest #SwampRabbitChurch

A photo posted by Jonathan Tompkins (@jonathanetompkins) on

3. Sunrise

In case you’re never up early enough to see it, here’s sunrise near Travelers Rest.


4. Picture-Perfect Paris Mountain

The words white and fluffy come to mind.

#ParisMountain in #yeahthatgreenville, as seen from #TravelersRest. #discoverSC #visitgreenvillesc #scstateparks

A photo posted by James Richardson (@carolinaaerials) on

5. Orange You Glad

Sunsets introduce new colors nightly.


6. Striking

This literally striking shot captures the exact moment that a bolt of lightning strikes above Paris Mountain, as seen from the Travelers Rest YMCA.

7. Storm’s Coming

8. Street Light

When dark comes in downtown Travelers Rest, our old-timey street lights guide the way.

9. Red and Yellow, Black and White

A summer storm turns the sky all sorts of colors.

10. A Pretty Place

It’s no surprise they call this Pretty Place.

11. In the Fog

Morning clouds over #TravelersRest. #mainstreet #smalltownUSA #experienceTR #discoverSC #parismountain #yeahthatgreenville

A photo posted by The Travelers Rest Tribune (@trtribune) on

12. Wide Receiver

And we’re supposed to keep our eyes on the ball?

13. Flying a Kite

Flight of the Foxy.

A photo posted by Kevin Keigley (@kevinkeigley) on

14. Another Kind of Shower

We can’t say that meteor showers are a common occurrence in Travelers Rest, but when they do blaze by, they’re beautiful.

The best meteor we saw during the Perseid meteor shower and I happened to capture it! #perseid

A photo posted by Chris Burress (@chrsbrrss) on

15. Take Your Time

16. Over the Rainbow

#parismountain #travelersrest #rainbow

A photo posted by Krystal Connelly Rodgers (@nerdybarista) on

17. Main Moves

#MainStreet's always moving, yet quaint & familiar. No wonder #TravelersRestHere. #TravelersRest #smalltown #yeahTHATgreenville

A photo posted by Travelers Rest Here (@travelersresthere) on

18. Changing

Ever-changing skies mean shifting shadows over the mountains.


19. Sky Meets Lake

Rays of sunlight reflect in nearby Lake Robinson.

20. Day at the Market

21. Blurred Edges

22. As Good as Sunset Gets

Caesars Head State Park offers one of the best views of sunset in the Travelers Rest area.

23. Stars Not So Far

This is the sort of place where you can actually see the stars at night. Just keep looking up.

Staying up past 1:00 am has been kicking my butt all day long, but it's hard to complain when this view is the reason why.

A photo posted by Reagan Kelley Burress (@reaganburress) on

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Image Credits: Featured image – Flickr user papermakesplanes. All other images belong to their respective Instagram users.)

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