Oysters and Outdoors: Second Annual Holiday Oyster Roast at The Grove

by Lacey Eibert Keigley

Seasons come and seasons go.  That sounds too much like a Hallmark greeting card, but the sentiment is true.

The Grove has hosted and enjoyed a full and fulfilling season this year and, with winter approaching, it’s time to have a short hiatus on outdoor parties and celebrations.

But not without a classic party and event to finish the season with style.

On November 30 from 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm The Grove at Upcountry Provisions will host the Second Annual Holiday Oyster Roast.

“This event brings in both local and national musicians so the entertainment is top notch,” Cheryl Kraus said.  She and her husband Steve are the owners of both The Grove and Upcountry Provisions.  And it’s been their hard work and vision that have created both this intimate and charming venue in the heart of Travelers Rest and this annual holiday event as well.

The music for the evening will feature not only one band – but two.  Both bands are popular here locally and on a larger scale.  Jon Stickley Trio as well as My Girl My Whiskey and Me will be performing Thursday evening.




Even though the bands would be enough to draw out the crowd, of course the food is a giant incentive to don the warm jacket and the trendy scarf and to get yourself on over to The Grove.

Steve and Cheryl will be on hand cooking, of course.  (And we’ve all been blessed by their culinary skill set at Upcountry Provisions.)  They’ll be joined by talented Chef Greg McPhee of The Anchorage.

“We love working with Greg and collaborating on the menu with items that we would not normally offer at the restaurant,” Cheryl shared.  “It’s fun and it gives us a chance to do something that is out of our routine and our comfort zone.”  Even as they are planning and prepping for this month’s current Holiday Roast, they’ve all got their eye on the future too.  “As we talked about the menu this year Steve reminisced on his time in South Korea and hopes that one year we can add a chopstick clam station and also grill clams over a live fire like he and his friends did on the beach in Korea,” Cheryl says.  We’d be down with that, for sure.



This year’s Holiday Roast will feature shuck your own grilled oysters, of course, and their usual fixin’s and a sauce bar for the oysters.  A cash bar of beer and wine will be available.  You’ll also be treated to other dishes, such as soup and house made parmesan crackers, pastry wrapped bratwurst (which sounds to us like a classier grown up version of a corn dog and we’re not complaining about that), along with homemade desserts and all of the supplies for s’mores, because you can’t stand around fire pits and not get a hankering for the classic graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow combination.  And they aren’t just any old graham cracker y’all.  They’re homemade graham crackers!  Cheryl also added that this year one new addition is an outdoor cauldron to fresh fry donuts too.  (Do you think you could create a donut s’more?)

Oh – and get a look at their beautiful new shuckers forged just for this event by local blacksmith Roger Burns of Speckled Hen Forge.



(One of our favorite bits about TR businesses is the way you will find them so frequently supporting other TR businesses.  That makes us all kinds of happy.)

It’s definitely a party for TR, for friends and family, for lovers of good food and good fun, but Cheryl admits, it’s a party for her and Steve and their staff too.  “This event gives us a lot to look forward to – it’s a passage into the holiday season, kicking off that season with a fun party for TR,” Cheryl states.  And, the crew at Upcountry has a good reason to celebrate (and so do we, as their customers.)   At the restaurant, holiday orders officially begin getting prepared on the very next day – December 1st.   “We all talk about this finale of our Grove season through the winter as we start discussing plans for our next season,” Cheryl says.  “Going out with a bang will leave us with inspiration for 2018!”

If you’re like us, your mouth is already drooling and you’ve already pulled out the calendar and jotted the date down.  You’re very wise.  

You can buy your tickets right here.




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