No Wonder Travelers Rest Here

by Celeste Hawkins

Travelers Rest. Ah. The mere mention of this South Carolina city’s name has the charm to set you at ease. What a great name! But how did this city earn it, and why do folks like to settle here after a long journey anyway?


A Little Background


For you readers less familiar with the area, a little background: The city of Travelers Rest lies about midway between downtown Greenville, S.C., and the western South Carolina / North Carolina border. It’s located right at an hour south of Asheville, N.C.

(Oh, and let us save you some confusion . . . The natives and most locals fondly refer to the city as “TR,” for short.)

In centuries past, those journeying by covered wagon among the Carolinas would make one last stop here, just before their ascent into or descent from the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.




That this place was a resting spot — a traveler’s rest — stuck. Even before its incorporation, that’s what folks were calling the town.

An 1825 map of the county originally wrote it as “Traveller’s Rest,” with two ls and an apostrophe. But somewhere along the way — maybe this reflects the simplified way of life here — it became “Travelers Rest,” quite the statement.


More than a Rest Stop


Today, both Travelers Rest and its nearby neighboring towns still provide a welcome respite for travelers who are just passing through on Highway 25 or 276; these two major roads converge at the city’s entrance.

But wiser folks stay around longer to enjoy the area as a destination unto itself.

Set amidst peaceful mountain country and lively city life, the Travelers Rest area offers the best of both worlds. In fact, it’s the perfect place to bike, hike, and adventure or dine, shop, and go out on the town.

For the outdoorsy types, the Swamp Rabbit Trail and scenic area parks (with peaks for climbing and lakes for fishing) provide plenty of fun, while one-of-a-kind restaurants, local shops, and cultural attractions cater to more refined tastes.

Though it’s growing by leaps and bounds, Travelers Rest remains quaint and charming, with the feel of a small town

It’s really no wonder travelers rest here.

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