You Know You’re from Travelers Rest . . .

by Celeste Hawkins

Like any city worth visiting, Travelers Rest has its own unique personality that rubs off on everyone who lives here long enough. But what are those quirks, lifestyles, and ways of thinking that bind us — the natives and locals of Travelers Rest — together? What is it that makes us distinctive as Travelers Rest folks?

Those Travelers Rest Folks

For this blog post, we’ll need your advice. Whether you’ve lived in Travelers Rest for your whole life or just a year, we want to hear what you think. So complete this sentence:

You know you’re from Travelers Rest if/when . . .

– You affectionately call home ” T.R.”! – Pam

– The back of your car bears a Devildog sticker, a church decal, and a bike rack. – Jill

– You still give directions using phrases like “where the old mortuary used to be” and “over next to the old high school” and “down from the American Cafe.” – Terry

– People say, “Oh, there is nothing to do there,” and you laugh and prove them wrong. There is so much to do here!! – Nita

– You can still get a “Troy’s Hot Dog.” – Waddy

*Give us your answers in the comments below or by using hashtag #TravelersRest.*

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Tell us the TRuth: How would you complete this sentence?

You know you’re from Travelers Rest if/when . . .

Share your answers in the comments below or by using hashtag #TravelersRest. and we’ll add them to the post.

Check back often to see what others have shared. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Featured image – The City of Travelers Rest

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