7 Fascinating (and Potentially Famous) People Who Have Lived in Travelers Rest

by Celeste Hawkins

Whether your family has lived in Travelers Rest for generations or you’ve recently moved into town, you can probably guess a name or two on this list of fascinating “TR” residents: they’re either already well known or on their way to future fame. But, then again, a few might surprise you, too.


1. Country Musician Aaron Tippin

Though he wasn’t born in town, modern-day country artist and record producer Aaron Tippin grew up on a farm in Travelers Rest. (He’s got the South Carolina state symbol tattooed on his right arm to prove it.)

Tippin has made it on the Billboard “Hot Country Songs” charts more than 30 times for singles like “Where the Stars and the Stripes and the Eagle Fly.”


2. Dr. John B. Watson

No, we’re not talking about Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick. This Travelers Rest-born psychologist shows up in textbooks as the father of the school of behaviorism.

3 & 4. Restaurateurs Joyce and Nancy McCarrell

In just about every discussion of Travelers Rest’s recent renaissance, you’ll hear mention of sisters Joyce and Nancy McCarrell.

They took a leap of faith in opening their lunchtime deli and country-style gift shop at The Café at Williams Hardware in 2008 — long before the city actually became a foodie destination.

5. Cyclist Harry “Pop” Kramer

A famous trick cyclist, Harry “Pop” Kramer performed throughout the country during the early 1900s, sometimes even with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He and his family eventually settled in Travelers Rest in the mid-1900s.

Today you can see a few of his rideable relics at the History Museum of Travelers Rest.

6. Singer/Songwriter Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson, a singer/songwriter and guitarist born in Travelers Rest not so long ago, has already become a local celebrity of sorts, hosting weekly open mics in town and consistently playing venues throughout the Greenville area (not to mention the country).

Some call him virtuoso; we call him neighbor.

7. Author Mildred W. Goodlett

If you’re aching to learn more about the history of Travelers Rest and its people, then you’re in luck. Mildred W. Goodlett drew up one of the most complete narratives of this South Carolina town in 1966, simply called The History of Travelers Rest (or Travelers Rest at Mountain’s Foot).

(Photo Credit: Featured image – AaronTippin.com)

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