Working Out at The Grove: A Unique Whole Fitness Class Comes to TR

by Lacey Eibert Keigley

You’ve heard soulful tunes and peaceful melodies drifting through the swaying trees.  You’ve feasted at Bovinoche and enjoyed your delicious Poinsett Club at one of the picnic tables.  This summer your kids have heard stories and you’ve sat in the grass watching them listen intently.

In September you’ll have a new option for how to spend some time at The Grove at Upcountry Provisions.

Whole Fitness will be hosting a one month set of classes at The Grove.  Classes will begin September 13 and will meet twice weekly – Wednesday and Friday – during the month of September, at 9 am each day.

Fitness coach Jenn Mair will be leading the September classes in TR.

“I love being in TR and I love the people and the community there – I’m excited to bring the truth of God’s word there and to help people become healthy and whole,” Jenn shares.  “At Whole Fitness we are here to get healthy – to be whole, so that we can love others well.  All fitness levels – and all people – are welcome.  That’s our goal.  We use gospel and truth throughout our work out and that’s different.”



When you come out to attend the class, this is what you can expect:

– a complete full body workout, for all fitness levels, designed to hit every major muscle group.

– working out the body, while working in the Word of God.

– you will not only receive a great workout but a community and a place to worship.

The class types include:

Cardio and Strength


20/20/20 and so much more

“We set up a different theme each month and focus on that,” Jenn explains.  This month of classes at The Grove is a bit like a trial run for Whole Fitness.  If the response in TR is positive and the classes are well-attended, the program can continue in future months.

Not only is the outdoor setting at The Grove an idyllic little spot, the classes themselves are not your ordinary fitness routine.

“I’m not screaming at you and yelling at you to get your work out in,” Jenn laughs.  “I want you to do what you can – I want you to move.  You’re going to get a work out but you are also going to build a community.”

Jenn says the experience is unlike other fitness classes in its structure and vibe.  “You just have to come to experience it – you can’t explain it.  There’s something indescribable about the experience.”

As a fitness instructor with a long term interest for working out and healthy living, Jenn says God has given her both a passion for fitness and a passion for his kingdom and that over the years those dual interests have morphed into one.    “I’ve watched people become obsessed with their bodies and with what the culture says their bodies should be like.  I’ve seen people obsess about control over their bodies or their workouts.  And I’ve seen the the other side too – where people feel so hopeless and they just give up.  My passion for fitness is that God is in it – he’s not everywhere else and then not here.  I believe he wants to redeem this industry too, this world.  It’s about freedom.  God has created different body shapes – perfectly.  Ours is an entirely holistic approach – mind, body and soul.   I’ve experienced this and it feels a little like saying, ‘Tag – you’re it,’ because I want to do that for others.   To get them healthy and whole.  Simple, but so hard.”

Visit Jenn’s website at WholeFitness to read more about the theory and thoughts behind this particular fitness program.

The cost for the class is $30 for the entire 3 week session and you can pay through PayPal.

To sign up for this class at The Grove or to find out answers to any questions you might have about the program, please email Jenn Mair at

Naturally, after you’ve spent an hour working out, it’s probably only fitting to reward yourself with a muffin or a sweet treat next door – for later, of course.


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