Eating BBQ & Chunking Pumpkins: TR Town & Art Crawl

by Lacey Eibert Keigley

You can feel it in the air.

The hint of fall.  The allure of lower temperatures and longer breezes.  The thoughts of pumpkin this and pumpkin that.

We’ve all started penciling in trips to the apple orchard and long drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Our Pinterest boards are filling up with recipes for apple cider and the best homemade hot cocoa.

Autumn hasn’t officially or fully arrived in all of her orange and burnt umber glory, but she’s on her way and we’re here with open arms and Friday night events just watching for her arrival, which we think smells a little like campfire and s’mores.

And this weekend, this Friday night in fact, the autumn smells are more in line with the tempting aroma of BBQ and the siren call of pumpkins.

September 8 is the next TR Town & Art Crawl and it’ll be taking over Main Street in the most pleasant of manners from 5 to 9 pm.




Look for the colorful tassels and can enjoy the art and the booths lining up the main street on both sides.  There is face painting for the kids (and the grown ups – go for it, y’all) and of course, one of our favorites – the free rickshaw rides by Reedy River Rickshaws.



This month’s Crawl theme is all about embracing the entrance of fall.  (Hey, who says you have to wait until Sept. 22 to really welcome the next season?)

One of the best parts of the fall season, besides football and flannel, is all of the food that pairs so naturally with the cooler weather.  Sure, chili and pumpkin desserts, but also that tried and true classic that every Southerner is born appreciating – BBQ.  It’s a contest too (and the real winners are always the taste-testers!) and we need YOU to help decide the Town’s Best BBQ.  It’ll only cost you $2 to taste all of the BBQ choices available from a variety of different chefs.  Votes will be cast from 6 to 8 pm and the winner will be announced at 8:30.  All of these delicious BBQ options will be set up at FH Cigars (on 128 S Main Street).

Think you have the best BBQ yourself and want a chance to compete against the other potential BBQ winners?  Find out the details and register right here!  (And hurry – registration ends TUESDAY, SEPT. 5.)

While you’re anxiously waiting to find out who can claim the title as Town’s Best BBQ, stroll on over to The Grove and listen to the tunes of Charles Hedgepeth.  He’ll be performing under the lights from 7 to 9 pm Friday evening.

Don’t forget to keep filling out your Town & Art Crawl card too – when you’ve got it all filled out, just turn it in at TR Makers Co. and be registered to win a $100 gift card.



Over by the Gazebo the entire family will get a kick out of this particular evening’s entertainment.  Sure, people love their pumpkin spice latte and they get unreasonably excited about its appearance.  But kids are going to love this unusual activity even more than their parents love a pumpkin flavored hot beverage.


That’s exactly right.  They’re calling all kids to a mini pumpkin catapulting contest! All of the participants are challenged to see who can build a catapult that can fling a mini pumpkin the farthest.  They’ve got everything you need to have some good old fashioned small town family fun right here.  All of the supplies are provided and the catapults must be constructed on site. Each catapult will be tested and pumpkins will be chunked.  And what’s a contest without a prize?  Yes, awards will be given to the participants. And, not only do you get to build a catapult for a pumpkin and let it fly, this event is entirely free.  It’s open to kids from ages 6 – 14, but we’re confident that both their younger and their older siblings will want to stand by and cheer on the pumpkin tossing festivities.

Y’all, even just writing about this event has us all excited to toss on a long sleeved shirt and gather together our friends, prepare to throw down some delicious BBQ and cheer on some kids catapulting pumpkins in downtown TR.

We’ll see you there – keep an eye out for flying pumpkins.




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