September 2017: This Month at the Market

by Lacey Eibert Keigley

We might be guilty of saying this with every new season, but we’re hoping y’all will overlook how we fall in love with our town again at every season’s change.  In fact, we’re hoping it’s something you’ll come to love about us actually.  Because it’s true – as the calendar marches on and summer turns to autumn – we start to get all the lovey dovey feelings for the unique attributes this particular season brings to small town living.

And maybe one of the best features that autumn breezes in our way is that all of our outdoor events and activities at Trailblazer Park are just that much more pleasant.  If you need a sweater as you stroll the market on a Saturday morning, how much nicer is that than the humid July mornings.  And how much cozier does a coffee feel in your hands as your ponder which pumpkin to add and which pottery piece would make the perfect birthday gift for a friend.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Travelers Rest Farmers Market is award winning and trend setting.  Each Saturday morning (from 8:30 to noon) at Trailblazer Park you can find a plethora of folks selling and buying local produce, crafts, meats, food, pottery and so much more.  You can listen to bands, do group yoga, sample pralines and coffee, buy a popsicle, let your kids make a craft and meander through the tents and the vendors to fill your grocery bags and your stomachs with all things local and delicious and interesting.

We are thankful to be a market sponsor this year.  At the beginning of each month, tune in here to find out what’s in season and who’s on stage and what food truck will satisfy your hunger.  Come back often and stay informed.  We’re happy to help.



This Month’s Line Up

Sept. 9th  

Folk Craft Day.  Join us as we highlight artisans specializing in heritage craft. Enjoy demos by blacksmiths, potters, weavers and woodworkers.

Market Music: Randomonium

Market Fitness: Crossfit Trekker

Market Talks: Greenville County Library- “Southern Authors”



Sept. 16th

Market Music: Micheal King

Market Fitness: Yoga with Anytime Fitness

Market Talks: Greenville Master Gardeners

Sept. 23

Market Music: BattleAxe Band

Market Fitness: YMCA- Yoga with Abby Garcia

Market Kids: Crafts and Field Games



Sept. 30

Brew Down

Forget the Folgers at home. Enjoy a sampling of local brew from our talented local roasters. Sampling tickets will be available for purchase at the event.

Market Music: Randomonium

Market Fitness: YMCA- Yoga with Abby Garcia

Market Kids: Crafts with Ms. Sandy

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