Carolina Moon Rentals: One Stop Shop with a Lot of Class & a Side of Fun

by Lacey Eibert Keigley

You’ve heard her name here before.

Mandy Crain.

And she’s a force all by her self, that’s certainly true.

But it’s said that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

And that’s the sort of hope and planning the team at Carolina Moon Rentals is counting on.

Carolina Moon Rentals, yes – they’re associated with Carolina Moon Realty but they are their own entity, consists of three women: Trish Alford, Mandy Crain and Holly Smith.



Together, they believe in Travelers Rest.  And together they also believe in providing adequate housing for everyone.

Gathered around the table in their warm and inviting office space off the Poinsett Corridor, the three women comfortably lean in and share their stories. The walls are decorated with vintage items (a couple I’d love to take home to my own house) and the chatter is fast paced and the camaraderie is tangible.

As a team, Carolina Moon Rentals will truly be a one stop sort of shop for renters and for owners.  They serve single family homeowners and multi family owners. If it’s an HOA, they can manage it.  If you own a home you routinely rent out, they can handle finding the renters and managing the property.

That’s everything, folks. You can seriously let this team handle it.  From repairs to maintenance, to locating new renters, they’re up for it.  You can hire them and you can let them handle it.  It’ll be that easy for you.

“We’ll do everything,” Mandy says. “We’ll find the tenant. we’ll show it. We do the condition check, the checklists, all the money handling, profit and loss, 1099s at the end of the year, all of it.”

You can find out what’s available to rent on their website – a website where you can also handle your business directly with the trio online.  (Visit that website here.)

Homeowners are served through a multitude of services such as syndication, social media, quality photography, signage, application intakes, criminal background checks for tenants, credit checks, showings, move in inspections, routine maintenance requests, rent collection, negotiations for rent and renewals and more.

What the team at Carolina Moon offers is invaluable. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re just a lot of fun to work with too.

All three women share a history that bobs and weaves through various seasons of their lives. Years ago, Mandy was new to Travelers Rest when she met Holly’s mother, actually.  At the time, Holly was a high school student whose mother was joyfully letting Mandy know that Holly was a great babysitter.  Turns out, she was.  And off and on for years she helped Mandy out as a babysitter for her kids.

Years later, when Holly and Mandy were reconnecting (all the babies having mostly grown up in one capacity or another), Holly shared with Mandy how much she wanted to work with her, just to learn from her experience in the field as she was beginning her own real estate career.  (In fact, Holly ended up sharing some funny unknown stories of  some of those earlier babysitting jobs!)  Another side note – Holly makes incredible cakes and sweets.  And they’re as pretty as they are delicious. (We hired her last year to make some TRH cookies that were just darling!)

Another level of their connection stems from the years Holly spent as an elementary schoolteacher. “Trish and I met when her daughter Morgan was a student in my 3rd grade class, she’s like 30 something now,” they both laugh. Trish was actually Holly’s  room mom.  Turns out, you just never know when one thing will lead to another.

After reconnecting last year, the women made a quick connection and really felt the move to work together was perfect timing for all three of them.

Together, they compliment one another and although they each have their own distant personalities, they also share some core common values and goals.  (Plus, they share years and year of collective experiences. With over 40 years of real estate experience, each woman holds an active SC real estate license and all have personal investment and rental properties. Mandy is a Broker-In-Charge and all three are actively involved in both the realtor associations and in our local community.)

“We’re professional, but personal,” Trish said. To which Mandy quickly quipped, “There you go – write that down!”

They believe in honesty and transparency and in open communication. “We see a huge demand for quality property managers,” Mandy said.



At Carolina Moon Rentals they aren’t a cooperation and they want to have personal relationships with their clients and their renters.  They talk clearly and frequently about their desire for open communication and a high standard of excellence and they believe in best practices and healthy communities.  “We want to be champions at providing affordable housing for everyone,” Mandy said, with arms spread out.

The trio seems to have struck a great balance between being both traditional and modern, being grounded and looking forward. To adhering to ideas that their parents formulated in their own upbringing and to looking ahead and embracing what is good in the change as well.


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