Maintaining Sanity During Quarantine: One Mom’s List

by Guest Contributor

by Andrea Beam


Unless you remember ration books, Betty Grable pin-ups and the Ink Spots, you’ve never experienced anything like the days we’re living in now. There may be a silver lining in every cloud, but we might have to peel away several layers to find it.



The Stay-At-Home Order has forced American families to do things we should have been doing all along. My family of six sat around the same table at the same time to eat dinner today. We ate six different things, but I’m still calling it a win.



Let’s get real. Being home with children 24/7 has been a big adjustment. The electronics we constantly complain about have become our new best friends during these trying times. (Did I type that out loud?)

Although the Nintendo Switch has saved my life this month, we know it’s not in our kids’ best interests to drown themselves in the gaming world 100% of the time (I think I’m okay with 80%).



Below are a few activities to keep our new “co-workers” busy while the devices are charging.

  1. Collect rocksWash, paint and get ready to scatter them along the Swamp Rabbit Trail.
  2. Online photography class – Walk the yard/neighborhood and take photos. There are several places offering free classes during the quarantine. GOOGLE is your best friend here, people!
  3. Play cards/games – Spread a blanket outside in the sun and let the UNO games commence. I’m a sucker for Chutes & Ladders, but that’s just me.
  4. Puffy sidewalk chalk – Get creative with the timeless tradition – you can find the recipe here.
  5. DIY laser maze – Use painters tape inside (works best in a hallway) to build your own laser maze. Kids of all ages will have fun climbing through the design. Check out the example here.
  6. Make Thank You cards – Deliver to local businesses and first responders.
  7. Pitch a tent and camp – The state parks may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go camping in your back yard! This one’s definitely on our quarantine bucket list.
  8. Water balloons – My son’s personal favorite. He fills them with water, paint and whatever else he can get his grimy hands on.
  9. King/Queen for a day – The lucky one gets to choose the day’s menus and activities. Parents, this one may or may not work in your favor. Sorry in advance.
  10. Make a family Tik Tok – I’ve not hopped on this bandwagon, but it’s taking social media by storm. Now’s the perfect time to learn since we’re all home and bored out of our minds.



When children “help” with cooking and household chores, it takes twice as long. But desperate times call for desperate measures. A few of these suggestions – at first glance – may not sound appealing, but you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. At the very least, it’ll take up time. And we all have plenty of time!



Stay safe and stay well.



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