Doodles Making a Difference

by Susannah Lewis

If you don’t have a Goldendoodle in your own home, you surely know someone who does. This popular pooch is playful, lovable, fluffy, and adorable. Here in Travelers Rest, they’re also making a difference.


Doodles make a difference


Christian Peoples grew up on a small farm and had a hand in livestock breeding and animal rescue. Her dad instilled a passion for nurturing animals at a young age. Christian bottle fed baby calves, and remembers her dad’s frustration about cruelty toward male calves born on dairy farms. Just as her dad did, Christian turned frustration into positive action.

In 2014, she discovered Goldendoodles and instantly fell in love with the breed because of their gentle teddy-bear disposition and looks. However, finding a Goldendoodle or any other type of Doodle from a reputable or humane breeder proved hard to find. After entering into the breeding world, it left her angry and disappointed in humans as her eyes were opened to puppy mills and inhumane breeders.

Christian wanted to provide a solution for people who cared about buying their pet raised in a trustworthy and loving environment.




In 2017, she was introduced to Set Free Alliance – a ministry in India dedicated to freeing children enslaved in rock quarries and brick factories. Hearing first hand accounts left her heartbroken and traumatized. Images of enslaved children inside rock quarries, sleeping on rocks, half-naked and starving are images she will never forget. Shortly after this encounter, Christian decided it was time to take action.




Thus, Doodles Making a Difference was born.

Compassion and justice for both children and animals is what Christian is most passionate about.

The Peoples family decided to humanely breed Doodles, in a kennel free environment – while giving 25% of every adoption fee back to Set Free Alliance.




To date, Doodles Making a Difference has provided six months of meals, shelter, education, counseling, and medical care for 291 children.

By the end of 2021, an entire village will get clean water through the funding of a deep water well provided by Doodles Making a Difference.




Right now, there are puppies available (which is unusual) that are looking for their fur-ever homes. Consider loving a local Doodle and supporting a good cause across the globe.




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