by Lacey Eibert Keigley | March 10, 2022

The Crescent Olive TR March Cooking Class

Bekah’s menu is customer-driven this month featuring an Italian theme. 6:00 p.m.  $55/person BYOB For Reservations:  864.610.0096

by Clint Keels | November 2, 2021

Heavy Metal Rulez! – Cooking With Cast Iron

  I’m always looking for a way to get The South on my shoulders and I haven’t compressed my spine yet. Some immoveable spirit keeps time to the rhythm down

by Clint Keels | November 29, 2020

Cooking With Wood: Reconnecting With the Open Flame

Photos and Story by Clint Keels   We are closing the door on Fall up here. A Gregorian rush of endorphins will set in next month as the calendar hits