by Melinda Long | June 13, 2016

This Beautiful, Historic Home Started as a Simple Log Cabin

  When John Walker entered Presbyterian College, his advisor gave him an aptitude test to help him figure out which career to pursue. “My advisor told me, ‘John, it looks like you

by Celeste Hawkins | September 7, 2015

9 Great Stories about Travelers Rest That You Need to Know Now

From its days as a railroad stop through the war years and on up to the present, Travelers Rest has its stories to tell. In celebration of nine months of storytelling here

by Celeste Hawkins | August 10, 2015

How a Forgotten Factory in Travelers Rest Helped Dress Troops during WWII

During World War II, the U.S. alone produced more than 300,000 aircraft; 12 million rifles; and 35 billion yards of cotton textiles for military use. Can you believe that some