by Tricia Kyzer | September 13, 2022

Wild TR: The Connectors

The late summer air is so thick with humidity you could stick a butter knife in it. Clouds spend the day gathering up the moisture like farmers, only to dump

by Tricia Kyzer | July 19, 2022

Wild TR: Farms & Cow Pastures Count Too

  When I think of TR’s wild spaces I think of forest coves, cold mountain streams, and cow pastures. That’s right, cow pastures.     I live near one of

by Tricia Kyzer | July 31, 2021

Wild TR: Meet Your Neighbor! (It’s a Yucca!)

Yucca filamentosa Spanish bayonet, Adam’s Needle Meet your neighbor!     Walking down a trail in these mountains is as far from the desert as you can get. Lush green

by Tricia Kyzer | June 15, 2021

Wild TR: Sacred Spaces

The light penetrating through the stained glass canopy fell through in rays, illuminating my way. A soft whisper sifted through the leaves and I held my breath as a wood

by Tricia Kyzer | April 21, 2021

Wild TR: I Lichen This Place

When I was a child I was fascinated with tiny worlds. I built fairy houses filled with downsized furniture and asked for microscopes to gaze into the worlds I was

by Tricia Kyzer | April 8, 2021

Wild TR: Slow Down – A Trillium Tale

“Slow down, you move too fast, Got to make the moment last.” Simon and Garfunkel’s 59th Street Bridge song is stuck in my head these days. It seems like our

by Tricia Kyzer | March 1, 2021

Winter Wanders: Winter Skies

I am standing in the cold, sharp air, but I only feel it in each breath I take in because I am bundled up from head to toe in layers

by Tricia Kyzer | January 26, 2021

Wild TR: Winter Wanders

Story & Photos by Tricia Kyzer   Chimophile: winter lover from Greek ‘cheimonas’ for winter and ‘philos’ for love  Every year I tell myself, I am not a chimophile. I

by Guest Contributor | May 5, 2020

Pink Lady’s Slipper, aka Feet of Courage: Wild TR

Story and Photos by Tricia Kyzer No matter where you go, there you are. We are all connected to nature through the geography of where we find ourselves, the experiences

by Guest Contributor | March 24, 2020

Wild TR: Introducing the Bloodroot

One of the best aspects of living in Travelers Rest, geographically, is its proximity to both mountains and ocean.  It’s the ability to spend entire days in the woods –