by Lacey Eibert Keigley | August 19, 2019

Alive & Aware – Social & Financial

We are excited to share with others awareness to social and financial aspects of wellness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 30% of people in the United States

by Lacey Eibert Keigley | July 30, 2019

Psychological & Spiritual Wellness

Come join us, learn from experts, and use the knowledge to empower you to wellness. Remember: chronic disease and illness is a choice; food can be a medicine or a

by Lacey Eibert Keigley | July 11, 2019

Alive & Aware

We are excited to share with others awareness to wellness and naturally fighting disease. What we eat and what we choose for ourselves can bless our bodies. Come hang out

by Lacey Eibert Keigley | May 11, 2019

Wellness Day in The Grove

Relax, immerse yourself in learning from local instructors, and rejuvenate your spirit with us on May 11th in The Grove for a Day of Wellness. We are offering a full

by Lacey Eibert Keigley | March 25, 2019

DIY Kombucha Class

Originally known as “The Tea of Immortality”, kombucha has been used for over 2,000 years. Join us on March 25 at 7PM to learn how to make it at home!