Wheels Down – East Tennessee: An Update Story

Photos provided by Travis Ervin   Commitment is a sentence, not a word. It’s a notion tacked near the center mass of our good and one with a memorized future.

Hiking at DuPont State Forest: Hooker, Triple and High Falls

Photos & Story by Dave McAda   My wife and I were enjoying the views from Bald Rock recently when we struck up a conversation with two couples visiting our area from

Heavy Metal Rulez! – Cooking With Cast Iron

  I’m always looking for a way to get The South on my shoulders and I haven’t compressed my spine yet. Some immoveable spirit keeps time to the rhythm down

Simple Ways to Plan a Budget-Friendly Getaway in the Outdoors

by Leslie Campos   Weekend getaways are the spice of life. Zenbusiness explains that whether you’re a business owner, manager, or stay-at-home parent, a short vacation can do wonders for

Teach From DeHart: Matt DeHart Wins Emerging Teacher of the Year Award

He met me at the principal’s office by the school’s entrance. Matt DeHart, a fifth grade teacher at Heritage Elementary School, waited as I signed in and received my visitor’s

Dicey Langston: A TR Pioneer & Hero

Dicey Langston. Have you heard her name? If you don’t recognize her name yet, we plan to change that! Dicey Langston is a TR legend. But, she’s more than that

Denver Downs: The Fall Fun Your Family Needs

Denver Downs. If you’re looking for quintessential autumn fun, here’s where you want to be.     Denver Downs is a fourth-generation family owned farm in nearby Anderson County. It

Doodles Making a Difference

If you don’t have a Goldendoodle in your own home, you surely know someone who does. This popular pooch is playful, lovable, fluffy, and adorable. Here in Travelers Rest, they’re

Top 5 Bass Fishing Spots Near Travelers Rest

Story and Photos by Taylor LeBlanc   Bass fishing is immensely popular in Upstate South Carolina. Luckily, we have no shortage of good places to go nearby. SCDNR has published

Indie Craft Parade Artist Highlight: An Evening with Cory Godbey

For an entire decade, the Indie Craft Parade has been an event celebrating and supporting local and regional artists and crafters and makers. This year – its 11th – Indie