Need a Family Fall Adventure with a Short Drive? Head to Dollywood.

Travelers Rest received its name for its location – a resting spot before crossing the mountain to the next wide open space. (Or, a resting spot after crossing said mountain.)

Be a Part of the Art!

    Travelers Rest isn’t just a peaceful name on the map to us. It isn’t just a spot to get a delicious sandwich or to enjoy a slice of

Last Call: The Tomato Pie

Photos and Story by Clint Keels   It’s that time again. Bathing suits and White Claws (maybe) are about to hibernate for seven or eight months around Travelers Rest. The

Rooted In: The Harding Family of Wet Knot Farms

Story by Clint Keels Photos by Jane Howard Photography   When Lacey reached out about a piece on Ian & Rachel Harding of Wet Knot Farms, I jumped at the

How to Make Your RV a Home

More popular now than ever, folks are buying or cleaning up their already owned RVs and using them for safe travel, to avoid hotel stays or as an easier way

Arts Lead Learning: Sign Up At TR Makers Co.

Long before school plans shifted for our community, TR Makers Co. has been leading the game in integrating art and science, math and hands on learning.  Their classes set a

Adapting: How Your Home Is Doing the Same

There really aren’t many areas of our lives that haven’t been altered during the events of this year.  Naturally, we all think about the way our family’s lives are affected.

You Can Find Zen With a Short Drive

Zen. That elusive ideal and state of being. Zen. Utter relaxation and internal peace. Zen. Everything 2020 is NOT. Listen, we don’t have the cure for 2020 and we can’t

To Our Health – Mental & Physical: Four Ways to Use Essential Oils

Taking care of our health – both physical and mental – has always been a vital part of our lives.  (Or should be – right?) And lately we’ve been extra

Summer Reading: A List of Classics

Summer and reading go hand in hand.  You’ve got your beach reads and your escape reads, you have your self help books and your get-better-at-your-job books.  There are options to