by Clint Keels | July 26, 2022

Visiting Jocassee: Laying the Bricks & Mortar

Some kind of magic lies among Jocassee. It’s walked my conscious for years, from the waters to the woods. I tried articulating that once in a butchered piece for this

by Clint Keels | January 18, 2021

Bear Hunting in the Jocassee Gorges

by Clint Keels   I’ve hunted my entire life in some capacity or another. Deer, duck, dove and turkey throughout the Lowcountry and the Mountains. The primal drive to hunt

by Guest Contributor | June 4, 2020

Taking It All In: A Lake Jocassee Highlight

Photos and Story by Clint Keels   “Back up in here somewhere is the Thompson, the Horse Pasture, and the Toxaway,” I said.  “We’ll work through each one of these