The Art of Learning: TR Makers Co.

by Carrie Perry


What’s your happiest memory of school as a child?  Is it a spelling list?  A science quiz?  Maybe a social studies lesson?  If you’re like most people, these tasks probably didn’t rate very high in your happy moments memories. But why not?  Maybe spelling was one of your strengths!  And certainly, the content you learned in these classes was important!  These early subjects lay the foundation for later learning. 

The truth is, we remember things that we truly experience, both good and bad.  You might distinctly remember a field trip to a hands-on science museum or the day you dropped your lunch tray much more easily than the lessons from your day to day classes.  In fact, there’s a lot of research out there that explains that we humans are much more likely to remember a fun experience than even an expensive gift!



The TR Makers Co. in downtown Travelers Rest gets it.  They have mastered the art of teaching academic content in a way that incorporates hands-on, experience-based learning.  But that’s not all!  At the Makers Co. you’ll find a wide array of opportunities to learn AND to create.  This unique little shop features art and hand-made goodies from a multitude of local artisans. 

And when you take a step inside, one of the first things you will notice are the industrial style art bars running the width of the back wall.  This is where the magic happens.  

During the school year, TR Makers Co. offers homeschool classes for kids and teens.  In each class, the students will be engaged in multi-sensory learning.  Throughout each semester they will sort, draw, write, speak, dance, make, build, collaborate, sew, paint, sculpt and much more as they learn about literary elements, history, biology and even math! This, the staff knows, is how we really learn.  When we handle clay, dye fabric, build a geometric ornament, we are really building memories – meaningful memories.  This is authentic learning.  And it is not limited to students who are homeschooled!



Each week, there are also after-school classes for elementary, middle and early high school makers. While these classes are less academic in nature, they offer exploration with several art mediums and include specific instruction in artistic entrepreneurship.  These students will learn about the process of planning, making, and marketing a product.  For the younger students, the lessons are scaffolded to focus more heavily on creating the product and its packaging, while the more mature makers will learn about branding, displaying, pricing and more.  




Come out and make a memory!

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