Adapting: How Your Home Is Doing the Same

There really aren’t many areas of our lives that haven’t been altered during the events of this year.  Naturally, we all think about the way our family’s lives are affected.  We think about how our jobs have shifted, how our habits have changed and how our thoughts have progressed.

Something else we may not have thought about as often is how our literal homes and the way we live in them has changed as well.  Certainly, we are at home more often.  And what does being at home more often mean in your house?  For your space?  We have heard some funny stories of Zoom sessions set up in the master bathroom and FaceTime meetings on your back deck.  At my house, I frequently joke that my car is my “office” and I’ll sit in there if I need a private or quiet conversation since there are five kids at inside my own home.

Our friends Jonathan Clark and Megan Lanford (who work together as the Clark/Lanford Team for Wilson Associates) put together some details about how home ownership and and home purchases are shifting too.


by the Clark/Lanford Team



It’s hard not to read or to know about what is happening in 2020 unless you live under a stone. Life is vastly different at this point for everyone. With change comes continual adjustments to our way of life. People are having time to re-think many things: how they live, how they learn, how they work, and more. It’s not fun, but for now it’s our reality.

Homes are now being looked at very differently for most too. Rooms in homes are more multi-purpose than before. We often refer to them a bit more openly as “Flex Spaces,” which basically means they can be adjusted and used in various ways –which isn’t a bad thing! We have seen many decide to up-size their property needs where maybe the trend was to downsize. Even properties with lots of acreage are selling more often and faster. We just sold one on 20 acres with barns and more, and the new owners are in the process of adding additional living spaces for parents to live there as well. Many people are together more often by choice, or because they have to be. Even more people are starting to buy homes with pools or deciding to add a pool to their property. Strange, right?  This is called “adapting to the situation,” and it is okay. It’s life. 

We find that people are incredibly resilient and creative. We believe people are strong, and able to pull together incredibly well to adapt even if it’s uncomfortable at first.  We are seeing families, friends and communities change and pull together in the same direction. We are seeing folks stepping up to help teach other people’s children, feeding each other, and taking care of those that need the most help.


We live in an unusual time. But maybe there are golden moments, and perhaps we are being given gifts of which we’re yet unaware. 

As a team and as a company, we are fortunate to put relationships as a top priority. We listen a lot. We hear you. We talk about good listening and expect it of each other. We are in many conversations helping those folks who need us to dream with them and to help them adapt. It’s a great position to be in to serve, in good and in bad times.

Looking for more ideas on how to turn your home into a flexible home? Unsure about how the market looks for the home you want to buy or wish to sell? How about land? We sell that as well.

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We chatted with Megan and Jonathan on a recent podcast episode of We Are TR with Timms Mobile Detailing.  Listen right here!

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