Community Spotlight – Foothills Family Resources

Who are they? 

A “one-stop-shop” in meeting needs in our community – They start by assessing and fulfilling immediate needs, then make an effort to uncover and explore opportunities for each individual. Foothills Family Resources believes in empowering through education, and in turn, preventing future crises. Financial counseling, resume and soft skills development, job training, and job placement are all part of this organization’s expertise. The main goal of Foothills Family Resources is to turn crisis into self-sufficiency.

What do they offer?

  • • Intake and processing center for SNAP (food stamps) applications 
  • • Greenville Mental Health counselors present every day of the week 
  • • Immediate food needs (food pantry – food from Harvest Hope in Greenville)
  • • Medicaid services (ability to apply for Medicaid at this location)
  • • Center for Working Families (career development, one on one coaching) 
  • • GED classes, job training, job placement, budgeting, goal setting – students have the opportunity to leave with a full resume and recommendation from FFR. The organization has countless contacts with local employers looking to immediately employ those who complete their program.

Where are they located? 

Located at 3 Main Street, Slater – right next door to the post office, directly across from Slater Hall Community Center. 

Why is this important? 

The poverty rate in Slater Marietta is around 20%, Travelers Rest is at 18%, and Tigerville is even greater with 29% of people below the poverty line (DataUSA, 2016). Foothills Family Resources welcomes every individual with open arms. Their requirements for GED and job training programs are thorough, but achievable. They believe in the people in our community, and have seen first hand how education and opportunity can benefit those who seek self-sufficiency and a better life. You can view testimonies from graduates here.

How can I get help? 

Contact Foothills Family Resources by phone at 864-836-1100, or visit their website

Operating Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:15am – 4:30pm

Closed Daily 12:00pm – 1:00pm

How can I donate?

Foothills Family Resources receives no state or federal funding. Your donations go directly to help improve the quality of life of those in Northern Greenville County. In addition to individual donations, business partnerships are encouraged. In the lobby of FFR, there is an “Abundant Community Tree”, complete with every name of anyone that supports and gives to Foothills Family Resources – you should see it in person, it’s pretty awesome.

How can I spread the word?

This one is important! People in our own community are uninformed and unfamiliar with Foothills Family Resources, and all of the services they have to offer. Think of the impact this organization can have on those in our area who need assistance or a fresh start.

Tell your friends, family, and your neighbors. Let’s join together with giving hearts and a desire to support those in our community. 

Like and share their Facebook page here.

Visit their website for more information here.


Written by Susannah Lewis

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