Get Fit: Energy Fitness is Open in TR

Energy Fitness is now open in Travelers Rest.

Is Energy Fitness a gym?

Not exactly. But also yes.

Owner Tonya Tittle is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, licensed massage therapist, a guide, a guru, an expert in her field.

She’s owned and operated Energy Fitness in Memphis, Tennessee for years before moving with her family to the Upstate about three years ago. You might have met her at Crystal Valley Day Spa where she worked as a massage therapist the past sixteen months or at Cliffs at Valley teaching fitness classes, swim clinics and massage for the past fifteen months.

Now you have the opportunity to meet and work with Tonya in her own space – and I think you’ll love it. I know you’ll be better for it. Instead of a gym, you can call Energy Fitness a boutique fitness studio.

I met with Tonya myself to get a glimpse of what she does and of the services she offers. (And you get to see some of that meeting here – in time lapse form!)

Energy Fitness is located at 898 North Highway 25 at the bypass. It can be a little tricky to find on your first visit – I’ve outlined some tips at the end of this article.

Her gym is spacious and equipped with everything you could possibly need. The equipment is top notch, mirrors help you correct your movements and the space is inviting. Two showers are available if you’re fitting in your sessions before work and she offers instruction for self care of several post workout recovery tools – cupping and oils and foam rollers and more.

Energy Fitness

This isn’t an open gym where anyone just pops in for individual workouts. It’s a fitness studio designed to be used by Tonya’s clients, dedicated folks who want to pursue healed bodies, fit bodies, active bodies. In fact, what Tonya excels in is meeting with you, discussing your particular and personal fitness goals – ranging from increased flexibility, to weight loss, to better nutrition, to overall wellness, to toned muscles and more – and then helping you create a holistic plan of action to meet and CONQUER those goals as you move onto make new ones.

Your journey with Tonya usually begins with a little vision casting and some body measurements and body assessments and a lot of heart to heart conversations. Tonya is a dichotomy – she’s gentle but she’s not messing around. She’s kind but she expects the work to get done. She serious but she’s understanding of your starting point.

Energy Fitness

And that’s what I mean when I say Energy Fitness is a gym, but it isn’t exactly just that either. Boutique Fitness Studio. Those words fit better for sure.

At Energy Fitness you’ll receive personal training and nutrition coaching. Sports massage is often a part of your personalized program as an add on service by appointment. Meal planning and food ideas, coaching through the process each step of the way, are all pieces of the puzzle.

Tonya offers various affordable packages ranging from a 5 week intro program up to 12 months.  In your first meetings these are the paths you will decide together to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Energy Fitness

Who is a typical client of Energy Fitness? Clients that need to be held accountable, need expert guidance to get back moving again, work around injuries and semi-retired individuals needing to stay strong and active. Ages 40-75 are the biggest group consisting of working professionals, working parents, biz owners, healthcare professionals, lawyers to equestrian athletes.

Stopping by Energy Fitness is the ideal way to get to know Tonya and to see what Energy Fitness is all about.


Here’s what you need to know about parking:

Energy Fitness is located on a hill and the parking can be a wee bit challenging. You’ll see signs helping you out and street parking with an attendant to guide you!

Once you head through the bypass, pay attention- it is quite easy to drive past it if you’re heading out of town. (No worries, you can circle back around at the North Greenville Food Bank parking lot if you need to!)


Story by Lacey Eibert Keigley

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