euphoria 2019: Bringing the good times to TR

What was happening in your life fourteen years ago?

Did you start a new job?

You’ve probably been climbing up the workplace ladder – shoot, maybe you own the company now.

Was 2006 your wedding year?

Well, then – congrats on making it well into your second decade of wedded bliss.

Were you having a baby?

Because that little darling is now a teenager already.

Fourteen years ago a singer/songwriter and a restaurateur paired up to create a festival that would grow and morph and shape the climate of Greenville events over the next decade and a half. Edwin McCain and Carl Sobocinski created euphoria based on a potential they saw – for the city of Greenville and for music and food to be combined in memorable ways that bring together a community.



euphoria is a four day festival that celebrates locals and welcomes visitors to enjoy music and food and gathering together. A few years ago euphoria added a few TR events at Restaurant 17 and Trailblazer Park. This year we’re thrilled that euphoria is hosting two signature events in Travelers Rest.

On Saturday, September 21, at 7 pm euphoria will present Party in the Park at Trailblazer Park. Think dance party under the stars – and of course, while you’re thinking great music, you have to think amazing food as well.  (It’s a combo we can’t get enough of.) And we think it’s a combo you’ll love too.  In fact – we’d love to help you enjoy the party by offering a 20% promotional code for Party in the Park tickets for y’all. (Thanks euphoria!) All you have to do to receive the discount is to enter the promotional code “travelers rest here” when purchasing Party in the Park tickets on their website. You’ll receive 20% off each ticket to the event.



Steel Toe Stiletto will be performing on stage. Creative libations will be crafted and served by Slush Buddies and a host of acclaimed Southern chefs will be creating the food.  You can see the line up of chefs here.

Buy your tickets here for Party in the Park.

“We really felt it was time to expand our footprint outside of downtown. Greenville is booming, and so many of our surrounding areas are too. Bringing euphoria events to Travelers Rest gives us a chance to help showcase some of its new up-and-coming restaurants, the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Trailblazer Park, which is a beautiful spot just a few minutes from downtown Greenville,” Morgan Allen, euphoria Executive Director, shares.



And that’s not all – if you want your party to be indoors and vegetarian – you can have that option in TR this year too.  On Saturday, September 21 at 6:30, you can check out the new restaurant Topsoil and attend a guest chef dinner. It’s called Down to Earth and you will enjoy an organic, plant-based dinner curated and crafted for you by chefs Brian McKenna (you might know him from the popular Greenville spot Southern Pressed Juicery) and Adam Cooke (the designer of the food menu at Due South Coffee Roasters).

Buy your tickets here for the Down to Earth dinner.

There are dozens of exciting events being hosted and sponsored all throughout Greenville during the four day euphoria event. Visit their website for the entire line up and schedule.

There are classes, guest chef dinners, signature events, concerts – and all of the options are guaranteed to be satisfying and unforgettable.


On Sunday morning, one of the final events of the festival, is a brunch called Fired Up!  This is a popular one with euphoria fans – maybe because of the BBQ and the Bloody Marys and the mimosas. But also – because of the 5th annual Healthy Lunchtime Throwdown. Four youth finalists compete on stage with the help of a Michelin-starred chef per contestant. The students are cooking their own original recipes. The winner has their recipe featured on the menu for Greenville County Schools. “It’s incredible to see the relationships that develop between the Michelin-starred chefs and the young, aspiring chefs who compete in our Healthy Lunchtime Throwdown,” Allen says.

Not only is this event a treat to watch, you never know where winning might take you. Allen shares the story of last year’s winner. “The student paired with Michelin-starred chef Brandon Jew ended up winning,” she explains. “Chef Jew gave the young man his cell phone number and offered him an opportunity to come stage at his restaurant. This would be a dream come true for any aspiring chef, much less someone who hasn’t even graduated high school yet.”

One of the many aspects that make euphoria both unique and fun is the fact that ticket prices are all inclusive. This means that once you’ve purchased your ticket and entered an event, ALL of your food and ALL of your beverages and ALL of your entertainment is included in the ticket price. This allows you, as the guest, to put that wallet away and kick back and enjoy the good times.



“We pride ourselves on being an intimate event,” Allen says. “We offer guests the chance to walk up to a table and meet the chef who just prepared their food or talk to the mixologist about what’s in their cocktail or how it was made. And we limit the number of tickets we sell to each event so you aren’t waiting on long lines and feeling like you didn’t get enough to eat. While there are several city-wide events that are great for our community, we strive to ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind experience at euphoria.”

A non-profit festival, euphoria also makes a significant community impact. “Last year over the course of our 4-day festival, we made a $3.8 impact on our local economy; we’ve also financially supported more than 40 nonprofits over the last 14 years,” Allen says.



We’re thankful to be included in the line up for such a fantastic event that has been years in the making in the Upstate. “The number one reason we do this is for our community,” Allen says. “The culinary and music arts scenes in Greenville are thriving, and we know that we’ve played a role in that. We work hard, year-round, to shine a spotlight on this fabulous place that we have the pleasure to call home, and that is really exciting.  We’re a staff of 3, so we rely heavily on our volunteers, board, and community partners. Of course, we wouldn’t have an event if it wasn’t for the loyal guests who come back year after year. We are also proud of the people we are able to support through the festival: local restaurants and businesses, and those who are impacted by the programs we grant funds to through our non-profit. It all goes back to what keeps us engaged and excited – to shine a spotlight on this beautiful place that we get to call home and to make a strong community impact.”

We can’t wait to see YOU at all of the euphoria events this year – but especially at our two TR events.

Buy your Party in the Park tickets here.  (And don’t forget – get 20% off each ticket with the code “travelers rest here”.)

Buy your Down to Earth tickets here.




All photos courtesy of euphoria


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