This Friday – It’s the Crawl, Y’all

Friday night is sure to be happening on Main Street in Travelers Rest this week.

It’s the TR Town & Art Crawl this Friday, August 11, from 5 til 9 pm.



Bring your friends and your family and enjoy strolling up and down the streets, listening to the music and shopping at the businesses that are staying open late and visiting the artists and tents lined up and down Main Street.

This Friday night’s Crawl is celebrating all things back to school and eclipse-related.  (That’s quite a combo – but they both are happening back to back in August and we’re pretty sure both things are worth celebrating.)

One of our favorite features – the rickshaws – will be back in business.  You can hail a Reedy River Rickshaw whenever you see one, but if you’re at one end of the street and you just want to take that groovy rickshaw to the other end of town, give them a call at 864-373-1222 at they’ll pedal right over and offer you a ride.  (Rides are free, but you might feel inclined to tip the drivers as they use their pedal power to transport you from A to B.)  And the number is printed on your Crawl Card so you won’t forget!

Outside at Shortfield’s the LOZ Band will be performing from 6 to 9 pm.  They’re a reggae and rock soul band you won’t want to miss.



In the front lawn at My Sister’s Store there will be various artists set up as well as face painting for the children.  Or the adults – you know.

Walk over (or ride a rickshaw) to the parking lot in front of TR Makers Co. to visit other tents with talented artists and their works.  Inside TR Makers Co. something pretty special is happening too.

You can print your own eclipse tees at TR Makers Co!   That’s right – make your own eclipse-designed t-shirt!  Bring in your own tee and learn about the art of block printing on apparel. Plus you will then have your own eclipse tee to show off. Cost is $24 for the first tee and $12 for additional tees made in the same family. More details at

Also, you can watch Hidden Pictures in Motion at TR Makers Co! Join Tim Davis as he talks about the eclipse and moving hidden pictures. This event is free.

Right across the parking lot at Cafe at Williams Hardware there will be a local authors meet and greet.

If you still have your Crawl Card, be sure to bring it along to keep filling it up.  If you need a new card, just pick one up in lots of businesses across town.



Here’s how the Crawl Card works:

  • Participating businesses are listed on the card with their “deal”.  Deals might include discounts, buy one get one free purchases, a free menu item and more.  
  • When you present your card to the participating business and receive your “deal”, you will also receive a sticker for you to place on that business on your Crawl Card.  Don’t worry, you aren’t expected to use all the deals in one night.
  • Keep your Crawl Card throughout the season and add your stickers to it as you visit the various shops (even at non-Crawl times).
  • Whenever you get your Crawl Card completely filled with stickers, turn the Crawl Card in to TR Makers Co.
  • In November, all of the completed Crawl Cards will be put together and a drawing of one Crawl Card will be made.
  • The winning Crawl Card owner receives a $100 gift card!  Currently there are over 22 businesses participating, so that’s a lot of great deals on one Crawl Card, y’all.

We love the way the TR Town & Art Crawl brings the town out on a Friday night to enjoy great art, good music, new friends.  We like celebrating local artists and local businesses and seeing the friendly faces that make up our hometown.

Come on out Friday night.  Happy Crawl Y’all.


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