Slater Marietta Market Opens Twice Each Month

Slater Marietta Market

If you live in the Slater Marietta community, you’re well aware that there is no in-town grocery store. And, until last year, there was no local farmers market either.

This is the second year the Slater Marietta Farmers Market has existed and while its history is fresh, its goals are big.


Slater Marietta Market


In its second summer of operating, the market meets twice a month on the second and fourth Friday afternoons from 4 to 7 at the Jimi Turner Field at 210 Baker Circle in Marietta.

“Our desire is to bring fresh and affordable products to our community,” Market Manager Sarah Brown shares. The local market idea for the community was born from the ideas and plans of Gina Hinton, the president of the Slater Marietta Community Association (SMCA).

Their tagline is planting seeds of hope and their means to meet that goal is to focus on the two markets each month as a concentrated effort to bring the local vendors, the fresh produce and the community all together in one place and for one purpose.


Slater Marietta Market


“We want to connect farmers and local business owners with our community,” Brown explains.  “We want to be a place that people can come to purchase fresh, local goods, learn about other services in the community, and maybe even find a new friend!”

The team works with sponsors in the community to raise funds that will help with advertising costs, operating costs, and other needs of the market (such as tables, chairs, and canopies). The long term goal of the market is to bring a more permanent area for local farmers and vendors to share their goods with the community, but for now – the field is great meeting spot right in the center of town.


Slater Marietta Market 3


TR has its popular Farmers Market each Saturday at Trailblazer Park and it’s important to note that this market is not a competing market. In fact, the TR Market has been an inspiration and a help to the Slater Marietta community.

“We are so proud of TR’s Market and thankful that we have such a great market in a neighboring community!” Brown continues.  “Slater-Marietta serves a group of communities that are more north and highlights the farmers living within our community. We enjoy having a market that is open on Friday afternoon/nights to serve those who are unable to attend a Saturday morning market. The community was very responsive and supportive last year – and we hope that grows even more this year!”


Sawyer Naturals


This time is exactly right to help bring local growers together with local buyers. “There has never been a better time to build relationships with local farmers! With rising prices at grocery stores and more chemicals being used on food sources, this is a great way to provide high-quality produce and other items for your family and support local farmers and businesses,” Brown says.

The community response has been very positive and the turn out at each market is high.

“Many of our attendees live within a 15-20 minute commute and some enjoy stopping by on their way home from work. We are hoping that by offering two Fridays a month, the community will be more likely to come and support at least one a month,” Brown explains.




There is still space to add in some vendors and food trucks as well. If that is something you are interested in doing, visit or email Preference is given to local vendors (within 30 min of driving) but anyone is welcome to apply! Some products are limited (such as honey vendors, etc) since they are a smaller market right now.

We hope you’ll visit the Slater Marietta Market and help support local farmers and growers and crafters.

See you there soon!

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