Tips For Planning An Active Outdoor Adventure

Some people like to park on a beach and do nothing on vacation, but others can’t sit still. If you’re one of those active vacationers, choosing the best activities and prepping well for the trip can make it a success.

Here are some tips from Travelers Rest Here to help you plan your next getaway!

Outdoor Vacation Activity Ideas

Deciding on the outdoor activities you want to do on vacation can help you narrow down your destination. Common options include:

● Hiking

● Boating

● Surfing

● Camping

● Paddleboarding

● Biking

● Fishing

● Whitewater rafting

● Zip lining

● Rock climbing

● Skiing

Consider how intense you want your activities to be. You may want to camp in a campground with all the hookups, or bike or hike into a remote location with no water or electricity for tent camping. 

Planning Your Vacation Itinerary

Identify the specific activities you plan to do. Most areas have many outdoor activities available.

If you’re going on a hiking trip, for instance, the area might also offer whitewater rafting and zip lining. You’ll want to estimate how much time you’ll spend on each activity.

Many outdoor activities are physically demanding, so you’ll want recovery and relaxation time.

Consider how long it’ll take to get to each activity as you may have to drive to a trailhead to hike, marina to boat or trail to bike. 

Tips for Being Safe

To stay safe, you may want to practice the activity before your trip. Let others know where you’re going, and use organized adventure tours to have an experienced guide. Don’t forget to research hazards in the area and ensure you’re in good physical shape.

Finally, it’s always important to hydrate well and protect yourself from the sun.

Outdoor Gear You’ll Need

Montem Outdoor Gear notes that many outdoor activities require special gear, including:

● Proper footwear

● Protective clothing

● Life vests for water activities

● Layers for changing weather conditions

● GPS or cell phone in case you get lost

● Sun protection

● First aid supplies

● Tent or RV for shelter

● Hydration supplies

● Personal protection against wildlife

Many facilities offer gear for rent if you don’t have it or don’t want to take it along. If you plan to camp in the winter, be aware that you will need different gear that will help keep you warm and safe in cold weather, snow, and rain. This includes specialty garments like practical nursing bras if you’re the adventurous, diehard hiker and a new mom.

Prepare to Leave Work Behind

Prepare your job for your absence so you can relax on vacation. Doing extra work before you leave gets you ahead. If you work closely with clients, let them know about your absence, and give them contact info for the person who’s covering. You can also hire a virtual assistant to handle basic tasks while you’re out.

Protect Nature

Origin suggests thinking about your impact on nature while enjoying activities. Leave everything the way you found it by taking all trash with you and being careful with campfires. Stick to trails, avoid wildlife, and don’t take anything from nature.  

Use Helpful Apps

Phone apps can help you navigate safely and enjoy your trip. For example, the Alltrails app can help you stick to trails when hiking. The American Red Cross has a First Aid app that can help you through emergencies. Stargazing apps can help you know what you’re seeing in the sky.

Stay A While

If you and your family frequent a particular outdoor destination, you should consider purchasing a vacation home in the area. This makes the logistics of repeat visits less difficult, and it can even bolster your income if you rent the home when you aren’t using it.

Enjoy Outdoor Vacation Activities

While there’s a lot to be said for lounging on a beach, a more active vacation lets you and your family enjoy the beauty and fun nature has to offer. By preparing to leave work behind, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the trip. So pack your essential gear, hit the road, and don’t look back!

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