TR Tee Off Finale – Taking the Game to New Heights

It’s been a TR Tee Off kind of summer.

Rebekah Huff, a local real estate agent, and John Masters, owner of Spring Park Golf Range on Main Street, teamed up this summer to create a one of kind fun family event for our community in the TR Tee Off.

A completely free event, you could bring your friends and your kids and meet at the driving range to compete for prizes and to have fun together.



We know it’s back to school time but no one wants to see all the fun fade too quickly.

Saturday night, August 31, there’s a grand finale to the summer TR Tee Off series taking place. And its sights are set high.

Real high.

How high, you ask?

As in, hot air balloon high.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Rebekah is bringing with her the RE/MAX hot air balloon to the golfing range. And – what’s better than a ride in a hot air balloon in Travelers Rest? A FREE ride in a hot air balloon.  Rides are free – and we are excited!  (We want to remind all of our readers too – rides are wind and weather permitting. It’s the balloon pilot’s final decision and safety will always be the top priority!) There’s a link below for the free registration for the event.

Were you a fan of the TR Tee Off challenges? Most of the challenges will be brought back for players to go through all at once. Plus, there are prizes for the challenges and some of those prizes include passes to three local golf courses so you can improve your game even more.



The idea of combining golfing with a little community fun came to Rebekah years ago actually.  She had noticed the golf range, which had fallen into some disrepair at the time, and had bought a cheap set of clubs at the local thrift store and hit through a basket of golf balls. “I thought – I want to do some type of event here someday,” Rebekah shares.

Some day was earlier this year when the timing aligned. John Masters took over the operation of the golf range and he and his family put a lot of work into bringing the property back up to its potential. Masters is a golf instructor and he and Rebekah have orchestrated a good team as he lends his knowledge and skill to Rebekah’s sponsorship and community involvement.  “It started as a one time event inspired by some Goodwill clubs and now I’m excited to to see TR Tee Off’s full potential.”



We are too.  One of the best perks of our job is to watch community members and business owners, citizens and visitors, come together to make TR better and to have fun while doing it.

Since joining RE/MAX RESULTS, Rebekah saw an immediate opportunity to welcome the hot air balloon to TR. “I knew the RE/MAX hot air balloon HAD to be here for the season finale. RE/MAX has a history of involvement with golf events so it was one more thing that lined up for great timing this year,” she says.



This summer has brought some faithful returners and new comers to each TR Tee Off. Rebekah says it’s been a highlight to meet various families from the local community. “One little girl brought her own pink golf bag & club set. It turns out her parents are local real estate title abstractors. It was interesting to meet local people that are another layer into the real estate transaction process than real estate agents normally get to meet and that we met in the community outside of work,” she shares. Another evening, Rebekah tells a story of a family of adult siblings that enjoyed and entertained the players with some lighthearted sibling rivalry.

The location of the driving range in TR is ideal and is really in the heart of downtown, plus it’s a very low cost place to bring your family and friends and spend as much time or as little time as you might have while challenging each other to see who can hit their golf ball the farthest distance. Visitors and locals alike value the many outdoor activities in our region and it’s a treat to have a fun outdoor option right on Main Street.

We’ll see YOU August 31 between 5 and 8 pm on Main Street at Spring Park Golf Range.



A link to FREE registration and details for the event can be found here:

If registration is filled when you go to register, stay tuned on Instagram @TravelersRestHere or @REsimplySOLD for upcoming VIP Pass giveaways.

You can contact Rebekah Huff of RE/MAX RESULTS at (864) 810-SOLD or John Masters at Spring Park Golf Range (864) 608-5394 with questions about the event.

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