Simple Ways to Plan a Budget-Friendly Getaway in the Outdoors

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by Leslie Campos


Weekend getaways are the spice of life. Zenbusiness explains that whether you’re a business owner, manager, or stay-at-home parent, a short vacation can do wonders for relieving stress. And since you’re only gone for a few days, there’s a little less planning involved and more room for spontaneity. 

Getaways also give you a chance to test out a destination that you may want to revisit later. Travelers Rest, for example, offers many attractions for families who love the outdoors and nature! But if you want to make the most out of your trip and budget, you don’t want to abandon planning altogether. Check out these practical tips for arranging a budget-friendly, relaxing getaway from Travelers Rest Here.




Establish a Budget 

First of all, you can’t plan a budget-friendly trip without making a budget. Consider the ultimate goal of your upcoming trip. Do you want to have lots of fun, or is it solely to de-stress and relax? Are you hoping to expose the kids to new experiences in nature? Once you’ve determined your primary mission, decide the total cost you are willing to pay for your getaway. Then, allocate portions of your budget to transportation, lodging, food, entertainment, and any other relevant expenses.

Look for Nearby Attractions 

After creating your trip budget, start researching online for attractions near the destination you are considering. While staying in a cozy rental home can be relaxing, chances are you will want to work at least one or two activities into your itinerary.

Travelers Rest has plenty to offer families. Perhaps you would like to visit Paris Mountain State Park or Swan Lake Trail for hiking. Maybe you would like to take a stroll and experience some restaurants like Farmhouse Tacos and Tandem Creperie. There are also several wineries and distilleries if you are into outdoor tastings!

Research Lodging Deals

There are many more lodging options than there used to be. Using deal sites is still a great way to find affordable rates on hotels and motels. But the ever-growing vacation rental market speaks for itself. 

By staying in a vacation rental, you not only can save money but also enjoy a nicer, more private space and cook your own meals. Most rentals come with a full kitchen, which can make a big difference in your trip budget because you can dine out once or twice a day instead of every meal. Look to vacation rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo to quickly find a home at your destination.

Pack as Light as Possible  

Don’t make the mistake of packing a week’s worth of items for your three-day getaway. Only pack what you will actually need, and it will make your trip less stressful. Bring some comfortable shoes. Pack casual outfits, maybe one nicer outfit if you plan on going out, pajamas, undergarments, socks, and any other essentials you will need to stay comfortable. Bring all of the toiletries and personal care items you need, as well as some entertainment for the family such as board games and movies.


Budget Friendly


Go to the Grocery Store

Before you leave for your trip, head to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for the road so that you don’t have to pay convenience store prices. Also, go to the grocery store first thing when you arrive at your destination. Choose a few fun recipes and pick up all the ingredients you need at the grocery store so that you can create some new family favorites at the dinner table in your vacation rental! While you’re at the grocery store, get some snacks for on the way home. 




The spontaneity of weekend getaways is where much of the charm lies. But if you really want your trip to be special, you will need to plan a little bit.

Consider the tips above so that you can put all the pieces in place for a budget-friendly, relaxing trip for the whole family!





Leslie Campos hopes to provide relief and tips for other busy parents through her site Parents can find a variety of information from stress-busters to exercise ideas to healthy eating tips.

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