Mushroom Education: A Class at The Grove at Upcountry Provisions

The idea was born more than twenty years ago.

He called it Mushroom Mountain but it was only the inkling of what would eventually come.



More than a decade ago the shape of Mushroom Mountain began forming in earnest, although its beginning were still quite humble.  So humble, in fact, that the mushroom laboratory was housed in a closet in the couple’s apartment in Florida.

What is Mushroom Mountain now?

Well, it’s now a privately owned mushroom research facility and lab that moved right out of the closet in Florida and on up to the Upstate.



Olga Katic and Tradd Cotter now have a world class laboratory and research facility that is over 50,000 square feet in nearby Easley.  The lab has been constructed to EPA and FDA standards and inside you will find more than 200 species of fungi.  On site there is a mushroom walking trail with plans in place to expand their outdoor space for visitors to explore, examine, study, photograph and learn about mushrooms.

Tradd and Olga use words like mycoremediation and if that sounds a little foreign to you – then you’ve come to the right place.

Local business owners and entrepreneurs Steve and Cheryl Kraus have invited Tradd Cotter to bring his mushroom expertise to Travelers Rest.



On Saturday, June 30 you can attend a Mushroom Class at Upcountry Provisions.  The class runs from 10:30 to 12:30.  A delicious Upcountry lunch is included in the $55 price.  You can purchase your tickets here.  

An expert in his field, Tradd brings decades of experience and knowledge to the class.  This week’s class will begin with Resihi and Maitake Tea.  Attendees will learn basic cultivation and how mushrooms grow.  Tradd will talk about medicinal mushrooms and culinary applications for mushrooms as well as creating teas and tinctures with mushrooms.  All guests attending will receive an oyster mushroom kit.



Grab a buddy and sign up for Saturday’s class – maybe you’ll be inspired to start a closet-sized dream too.  Who knows what will happen after that?



All photos taken from Mushroom
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